Invest With Us

Through Sunstone Capital & Cornell Communities, I provide opportunities to individuals like you to invest in real estate with my team of hands-on operators, so you can be hands-off!

We invest in commercial real estate projects that allow our investors to own a piece of the project and enjoy the upside that we capture by executing on our business plan.

Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting out, I'm happy to discuss your goals and how we can reach them together.

My Team shares a passion for enabling others to achieve financial freedom through passive investing. One of our core values includes a strong belief that we each have the power to manifest our vision into reality. As your wealth and passive investment income increases, you are free to devote more time to your family, pursue your hobbies, and strive towards a greater purpose in life rather than just trading your time for money.

We tirelessly to ensure we preserve and grow your capital by leveraging our extensive professional network, business expertise, and past real estate experiences to make intelligent, data-based investment decisions.

Our conservative underwriting, risk-mitigation, and commitment to diligent asset management maximizes the likelihood that we achieve strong returns in any market for our investors. While our growing track record of success demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach, we also remain humble and open-minded so that we are continually fine-tuning our strategic approach to portfolio management.